WZ-111 5A BB is flaming garbage, prove me wrong.

I am thoroughly unimpressed by it, even considering the 1 skill crew it comes with.

First of all, the modules. The ammo rack, fuel tank, and engine are very easy to hit, and that is a huge issue. Even running Improved Configuration was not enough to deal with this handicap. Combine this with the tracks, and you get permatracked easily and then killed off in short order.

Second, armor. Almost laughably weak against other tier 10 cannons, even without gold spam. The lower glacis in particular is penetrated by anything higher caliber than a spitball. The pike nose is also essentially useless if you aren't pointing it directly at the tank shooting you, which is almost never considering that Team Clash is played essentially the same as a skirmish.

Third, the gun handling. Accuracy is mediocre at best at 0.39 stock, and the cannon is a joke against tier 10 heavies, TDs, and many mediums unless you pay 4x more for gold rounds. Even then, you will have multiple ricochets at anything beyond short range, and even short range shots on weak spots are a gamble. Additionally, the gold rounds are HEAT, so you are vastly outmatched by anything with spaced armor. The turret traverse is also rather sluggish.

I honestly cannot see how the WZ has a good reputation, due to all these downfalls. Any tips would be greatly appreciated by anyone like myself who has been struggling with this thing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/l8oqxt/wz111_5a_bb_is_flaming_garbage_prove_me_wrong/

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