XVM going away highlights a bigger problem and solves nothing.

I keep seeing the same excitement about XVM going away, but all you've done is allow WG to obfuscate instead of fixing the problems. Hear me out on just the top 3 I keep seeing.

1) "This will make it so people don't drown when they are in an unwinnable game."

  • Why are you ok with WG building unwinnable games in the first place? If XVM has access to player Wn8, why can't WG simply do a better job of balancing for Wn8 and tank type to provide better battles? Now all you have done is make it so you don't know if a 15-0 blowout was simply an anomaly or if you had an entire team of 500 wn8 tomatoes while they have 3 unicums and 10 other solid tanks. You have traded an actual solution (fixing the MM) for something that makes you feel better (simply not knowing team composition).

2) "This will make it so good players aren't focused by arty."

  • Arty focus isn't the problem. ARTY IS THE PROBLEM. It's a broken tank class, with broken mechanics and is completely antithetical to how every other tank in the game is played. What will be your excuse when you continue to get focused now? Arty shouldn't be able to shoot at mediums, or tanks that are moving, or on and on and on until you come to the only proper realization. Arty needs to be removed or so drastically nerfed that it kills the class. XVM removal won't stop the cancer.

3) "This will get rid of the toxic comments."

  • This one is probably the most laughable. It will make things even worse. Now you will have 220 wn8 turds with their ubiquitous 'Rommel-1994' handle raging that the team is wrong and you don't even have the ability to point out that they are bad and should learn the game before raging. The number of shit players that give terrible advice is staggering in this game and it's about to get worse. You constantly see crappy players talking their other crappy heavies into joining them on a beach rush on Overlord or they sit so far back in their Strv they can't support a single team mate. It's about to get worse. We need WG to provide more learning and a better experience in low tiers. Players rush to get high tier tanks without learning the maps, the tanks, or basic strategy. If WG increased the early game experience – Six Sense for everyone, no cost retraining, etc. players would be inclined to stay around at lower tiers for longer and learn basic game play.

This is a good game, especially for gamers getting up in age who can't keep up with some of the faster FPS's out there. However, the game requires attention, planning, knowledge of your team and the other team in order to be successful. XVM simply provided more data. The fix that WG has presented is akin to outlawing thermometers to prove there is no global warming. It's dumb and doesn't address the issues that are plaguing and, at least here in the US, killing the game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/e0a93r/xvm_going_away_highlights_a_bigger_problem_and/

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