XVM is cancer for the game

XVM does not tell the full story on players and can ruin the experience and totally change my mood when I play. I experience stat shaming pretty much every day and have even had people sending rants after games telling me to kill myself. The funny thing is I AM NOT EVEN A BAD PLAYER ANYMORE! To understand why this happens you first have to understand that I took a break from playing for 3 years and recently started playing again a few months ago. I’ll admit, I was fucking ass back before I stopped playing. I’m talking about 46% win rate and 750 wn8 but since coming back I’ve improved so much and my recent stats are 54% win rate and 1500 wn8 (not the best but decently above average) and the funny but sad thing is I still get shamed for my stats which are 4 years old… so if you’re reading this and use xvm, think before you abuse people for their stats because they might not be a true reflection of that players skill and if they try give you advice, don’t tell them to kill themselves after the battle…


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jlt1fm/xvm_is_cancer_for_the_game/

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