You can’t imagine how aggressive the ranked battles are on Chinese sever

I am a professional player of WOT. Recently I‘ve experienced too much in the Ranked Battles both on Chinese and Asian severs.I have to say games on Chinese sever is much more aggressive.I got 150%+general performance on Asian sever easily and it didn't take me too much time.But the best account I’ve played on Chinese sever only has 130% general performance and I haven't joined the league yet.I’ve also helped several guys to finish the 2nd stage only for 3 rank tokens.

Difference between Chinese sever and others:

1,Too many cheaters(As a Chinese I have to admit Chinese players are famous for cheating in almost all the online games)

2,Players on Chinese and Russian severs need to get 94 chevrons to enter the league,Asian sever only needs 70.(I haven't check the amount required on EU and US severs)

3, Shit maps. Chinese sever doesn't have Sand River and Ensk in all the game modes including Ranked battles.But Mountain Pass is included!You guys should know what's gonna happen in Mountain Pass!Over 80% it's gonna be a draw!Sometimes players are too boring while camping in the basement.They’d rather play mobile phones!

4,Complicated characters of Chinese. A lot of Chinese players play like deserters even in Ranked Battles. That always causes terrible crash. And of course there are too many campers.Everyone is selfish in Ranked Battles.Pictures I post will show you directly. Crash will be within 2 minutes if there aren't enough tanks rushing for C1 in Serene Coast

5,I‘ll add in coments while discussing

If you guys find Ranked Battles are too difficult for you, but you still want the reward.I‘d like to help you. At lease now I’ve helped 8 players during these days.I‘m really tired of playing on Chinese sever.I’d like to train and show my ability on other severs


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