You could finish the Waffe Event without Paying / Grinding / Winning a single T55 game

  • The key part is: When you open a footlocker without getting a collection item, reopen it. It should not take no more than two reopening to get it from my experience.
  • The event lasts for 2 weeks / 14 days. You need 10 Engineer collection and 20 Harrier collection to finish it.
  • To finish the 10 Engineer collection:
    You could get 1 Waffe ticket everyday if you win 5 randoms finishing top 10. And you could get extra 4 tickets as you progress on collections. That's 19 keys in total. Every winning gives you 1 footlocker and destroying 35 T55s gives you another 7 footlockers. It should be easy to finish the 10 engineering collections.

  • To finish the 20 Harrier collection:
    You could get 1 harrier footlocker and 1 harrier collection everyday if you finish top 5 in dmg(without winning). This means that you could finish the 20 harrier collection in a 14 days span even without winning a single t55 game, if you play everyday. And if you were lucky enough to win one game or two, you could finish it sooner.

  • IMO the 3000 bonds is worth the minimal effort in this mode.


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