You reap what you sow Wargaming edition.

For a long, truly long time Wargaming has disregarded most players as nothing more then dumb free to play scum, who's opinion doesn't matter.

  • Refusal of nerfing overpowered tanks
  • Making the game more and more pay to win
  • Refusal of nerfing overpowered game mechanics
  • Refusal of nerfing premium tank (contentious by law i know)
  • State of Arty balance (While i like to paly arty some are overpowered some or worse then their -2 tier counterparts)
  • After shitting over tier 8 & 10 with reward tanks, they now started with T9 what used to be a "safe haven"

On top of that their inexcusable greed via lootboxes & adding pay to win mechanics. All of this multi year long not addressing player discontent have culminated in the review bombing of steam.

The community literally sabotaged the successful release of their game on another platform purely out of spite for the developer of the game THEY PLAY.


While i'd like the game and wg to succeed to make the game last as least as much as behind us, i have 0 sympathy towards them.

You reap what you sow.

Hate me if you want, this is my opinion and just wanted to express them.


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