₽1,500,000/h doing TOZ runs


Video guide

I know a lot of people probably dislike methods like these as they are similar to hatchet runs, however as a new player it's hard to make money against veteran players while still gaining PvP skills. I think that this strategy allows for new players to earn a good amount of money while still gaining valuable skills.

I recommend checking out the spreadsheet, as it provides more info than the guide below.=



TOZ-106, Jaeger I, ₽6877

5-shot MC 20-01 Sb.3 20ga magazine for TOZ-106 (x2), Jaeger III, ₽2878

20/70 Slug Poleva-6u (x10), Jaeger II, ₽670




S I C C or Docs case recommended in container

Rush to office, loot the safe, jackets for keys, duffel bag if spawned, if quiet, loot filing cabinets stash every valuable in your container.

Move to breach room, check on right for medical spawn, MBSS and ammo spawn. Check shelves in the hallway for guns/rare item spawns.

Move to the stripper pole room, check both jackets for keys.

Try and kill some scavs or players with TOZ and extract.

Be as quick as possible to try to avoid player scavs which tend to spawn around at the 28 and 20-minute mark.

Money is rarely lost using this method and will be even better if they fix late spawns as most of my early deaths come from late spawns and not being able to reach the office first due to it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ecu6bo/1500000h_doing_toz_runs/

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