1.5mil profit craft

This is assuming you have at least Intel Center level 2

This is by no means the absolute best option for raising the skills, nor making money, as I am fully aware of the keycard crafts. However, it can be done almost completely with items you'll find commonly in a raid depending on what maps you run, so it's useful knowledge to anybody who's struggling to keep that balance up but has some junk laying around.

So I was mucking about in the hideout looking for some crafts to run overnight, and I found something pretty interesting for anybody who is unaware (players that don't live in their hideout.) Essentially it's a way to print 1.5mil rubles.

As of writing this, the VPX craft in the hideout is only 110k rubles. This includes:

  • 3x Ram: 60k~
  • 1x SSD: 35k~
  • 1x Broken GPhone: 15k~

The graphics card craft, if you buy the VPX, would cost you 545k~. This includes:

  • 4x Circuit boards: 80k~
  • 2x CPU's: 25k~
  • 2x Fans: 40k~
  • 1x VPX: 350k – 400k~

if you craft your VPXs yourself and then use them to craft GPUs, you will be able to sell each GPU at roughly 750k profit per GPU, or 1.5mil in total. Normally, if you bought the VPX, it would only be 500k profit, or 1mil in total.

I know this is a bit silly for a 500k increase, but I've found it's a good way to level your hideout skills as well since you will have to cycle between the two crafts, and they both take a rather long time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ljgps0/15mil_profit_craft/

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