12.7 Optimization Guide

To preface, I have spent countless hours doing self optimizations and only recently have I begun to see considerable improvements. Below I will detail what steps I took to achieve said results.

Here are a few examples of some common maps I play and the improvements I saw.

Pre-Optimizations (FPS)
– Interchange: 70-100
– Labs: 80-120
– Customs: 80-110

Post-Optimizations (FPS)
– Interchange: 90-144
– Labs: 130-144
– Customs: 100-144

Now, aside from the increase in average FPS per map, I noticed significant improvements in latency and overall fluidity. For example, on Interchange my FPS dips to 90 in Brutal area (however the game remains fluid even during dips), but for the most part my FPS stays above 110 while inside the mall and 120+ outside. Labs almost never drops from 144 FPS. Furthermore, I have almost no stutters or freezes.

Before applying any of these settings, I would recommend clearing your shader caches using the guide here.

In-Game Settings:

Note: Lower FOV = more frames in my experience

Note: Shadows can be set to High or Ultra to increase GPU usage if you prefer, but I do not think this increases maximum FPS, only stability of average FPS

Nvidia Settings

Note: EFT does not seem to like when the Scaling Mode is overridden by the GPU, so I would advise you leave this unchecked

Note: Not much to show here besides LLM (Low Latency Mode) which I think helps increase GPU usage and therefore aid in FPS. I still am not sure about this, and have had mixed results, but for now I am going to keep it enabled

Note: Make sure to set Power management mode to Prefer maximum performance in order to keep your hardware at their maximum clock speeds

Note: The most important setting here which affects FPS is Threaded optimization. I have done extensive testing with the setting On/Off/Auto and with SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading) or HT (Hyperthreading) for Intel CPUs On/Off and with the current state of the game, I would suggest keeping SMT/HT enabled with Threaded optimization set to On/Auto. I am not sure if disabling SMT/HT actually increases FPS, but it definitely increases stutters/freezes

Note: For AMD CPUs, set this to AMD Ryzen High Performance. For Intel, set to Ultimate Performance mode

Note: For AMD CPUs, under the Game Mode tab set Performance Boost Overdrive (PBO) to On

Note: Do this for the EFT BattleEye Launcher in the same folder (EFT Live)

Note: Do this for the EFT BattleEye Launcher in the same folder (EFT Live)

This is a quick guide I wrote up as I am quite busy, but if anyone has any questions or wants to know why I made a particular decision, I can elaborate further. I am still constantly testing and trying new configurations, but this configuration has made a world of difference for me and hopefully for you too.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i3vc6k/127_optimization_guide/

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