.366 Ammo changes

.366 ТКМ FMJ

  • DMG 93 -> 98
  • ArmorDamage 41 -> 48

.366 ТКМ EKO

  • DMG 68 -> 73
  • ArmorDamage 30 -> 40

.366 ТКМ Geksa

  • DMG 102 -> 110

In effect, these changes make EKO slightly better at dealing with level 4/5 armor, but still not great. However because the 215 is bolt action, and the 209 has more recoil than an M1A, you're not gonna hit someone enough to break through their higher tier armor. I think the .366 ammo is fine the way it is, a really low end, cheap and crappy caliber. Not everything needs to be viable all the time, the only buffs this caliber needs is a cost reduction to the guns and the 209 needs less recoil.

Ammo charts updated

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/hf1jl7/366_ammo_changes/

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