50 hours in, few suggestions

Really enjoying the game, I have been calling it Minecraft for grownups when my kids ask me what I'm playing hehe… have had a few harrowing incidents, in particular dying on my first visit to Swamp, after crossing the sea, with no quick way to return.

I know there's some really good mods on Nexus but because the game is Early Access I didn't want to run the risk of my character being corrupted due to mods and official patches, etc so am willing to wait it out. Meanwhile I'm hoping the devs will be able to add the following quality of life changes to some of the tedium of the game. Yes I know it is Early Access, so if they can make it to final realise great if not I will use mods once it launches officially.

Standing Torches and other light sources: please make it last longer, or allow more than 4 resin. If the campfire takes 10 wood then let them have 10 resin. Abit unrealistic but if possible to make them last even longer, make them light up only when the player is within a certain range.

Chests and items within: I know there's a mod to add a sign to chests, but sorting is tedious. The idea of named chests is great. Another way is making the chest itself look different and have a variety of chest cosmetics to allow visual ID. Perhap bags, sack, cupboards, weapon racks, etc. If signs work what about attaching an item to the chest, eg a Berry for produce, Meat for flesh, Ingot for metals, etc.

Things that make things: please let us put more into them eg not just 20 coal and 10 ores into a forge, 5-10x more would be great. Also have some range detector like bench upgrades for chests, if a chest is nearby use the items in the chest for crafting.

Building preview: allow the preview ghost of the building piece to appear at all times. Sometimes they appear only when there's potential for snapping or placement which is annoying when you need to rotate correctly. Also while we're about snapping, please try to improve the snapping logic eg by holding a key, you can snap a piece on to another piece then change the position of the snap. Eg a floor piece snaps to the "top" side of another floor piece, press this key and the snap jumps to the right, press again it snaps to the bottom, and so on. This also works trying to place a vertical pole ontop of another vertical pole: why do I need to be of a higher view to do so?

Era upgrades: allow previous era gear to be upgraded to level 1 of the next era eg bronze max level to iron level 1. This gives players a choice to spend more upgrading current era gear or skip the last few levels for the next era. If necessary provide a penalty/incentive eg max level (5?) is abit better than next era level 1. Recycling is also nice, get back full or half materials. I know this can end up breaking the portal block for ores/ingots, but players are already bypassing this using server jumps. Besides, devs shouldn't try to regulate players playing a game that's eminently designed for emergent gameplay. Or just recycle to half.

Parry vs block: right now parry is too good so tower shields and normal blocking don't have a strong place in the game. If we keep parry then make tower shields lose much less stamina when blocking, and allow spears to attack while keeping the shield up. BTW the spear range is abysmal.

Boats: please give me a paddle canoe or boat. No wind please.

The torch: add a key press to toggle between main and offhand usage. Main to strike, offhand to block, either way I can use torches for light. Also add the ability to keep try or accelerate drying when holding a torch. And lit torches can be thrown, and they stay lit. Oh and fresh torches stack, 10 per stack.

Ragdoll for equips: Equips stay off bag slots. Remove 6 slots from the bag if you must, 7 if you include a quiver. Right now it's more unrealistic that you can carry so much stone and wood, yet get flummoxed when you have a variety of light stuff. Let me make backpacks to add slots but not weight. Each era has a bag that adds more slots.

Pack animal: the Trader in Black Forest has one. I want one too.

More uses for stuff: those greydwarf eyes, trophies etc… maybe we can have simple incantations that consume them, eg a quick fire to warm up, short healing or stamina buff, minor bonus to attack or defence, applying different effects to weapons eg fire or poison. A quick solution is a Reagent table, where you can take stuff to grind into a generic "Reagents", eg 1 eye 1 Reagent, 1 Brute trophy 2 Reagents and so on. Then Reagents can stack 50 per slot and incantations consume Reagents. Active incantations can take up quick action slots like gear, but behave like using Forsaken powers. Another idea is simply recycling these extra things into Wood, Stone, Scraps, Hide, etc.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mj5jac/50_hours_in_few_suggestions/

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