A bunch of small tweaks that have nothing to do with portals or new items

(I wrote this after chugging like 2 monsters after an all-nighter so the english is probably shit but hopefully its understandable lmao let me know your thoughts on these lol. )

After seeing the 900th post about portals I wanted to make a list of small things I've noticed during my play that I think could use a little tweaking. I wanted to stick to small stuff like this instead of adding new items as I feel like overloading the 5 person dev team with a bunch of new ideas for content would be too much especially when we're only one month into early access.

Tweaking Coal to Ore Ratio

If you have made it to the metal stage you most likely have noticed this. In order to smelt 1 ore it uses a little more than 2 coal (I think its like 2.3). I think lowering this ratio to 2 coal per ore would make a lot more sense as its kind of weird having a decimal number for this ratio. It also makes more sense to set it to 2 coal per as the furnace currently holds 10 ore and 20 coal, meaning a full furnace will require one extra coal in order to process all the ore.

Increase Speed of Karve (Medium Boat)

I think the current problem in this game is once you get the longboat, the karve becomes completely useless. I understand the raft becoming obsolete as its purpose seems to just be an early way to get a taste of sailing, however I think that it would be nice to have other options than just one boat to choose from the second you get iron. The way I see it is more cargo > less speed, less cargo > more speed. I think the speed of the longship should stay untouched, but the karve should get a buff so that it is faster than the longship and possibly easier to turn as it is a smaller ship. This encourages more player choice and would make exploration much easier.

Slight Changes to Stamina and Resting Buff

I think the main problem with the resting effect is that stamina regen feels extremely slow without it, especially later game when you have a large stamina pool. While personally I'm used to stamina systems like this and I actually really like it, I know that its one of the biggest things to get used to in this game for newer players. I think that the resting buff and stamina regen both need to be tweaked slightly so that the resting buff is still something that is highly recommended to have, but if you don't have it its not as brutally punishing especially in a game where almost every single action uses stamina. I think a small 10-25% buff to stamina regen would keep stamina being something to keep track of and have to manage, however it would be just slightly easier. In order to compensate for this boost in stamina regen I think that the resting buff would be nerfed slightly so that stamina regen is more towards a bonus 75-90% to match the increase in natural regen. (for example a 25% increase to natural regen would tweak the resting buff to 75%, and a 10% increase to natural regen would make the resting buff 90%). This would mean your resting stamina regen would stay the same as it currently is, however not having it wouldn't be so brutally punishing.

Let me know what yall think of these changes personally the one I want the most is the change to coal as its annoying letting a furnace run while my character sleeps and still having to put one coal in it when I wake up just for the last like 5 seconds it takes to finish processing the very last ore in the furnace.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m6iyk0/a_bunch_of_small_tweaks_that_have_nothing_to_do/

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