A cold and violent death

Walheim - five bosses

There I was simply trying to mine some silver. Constantly interrupted by wolves, golems, and drakes of course, but still making progress. Then all of sudden I see "You are being hunted…"

I came out from my silver mine and started cautiously making my way down the mountain, wanting to be a little closer to base camp if I died but also curious what this was all about. Then I see it, a pack of 5 wolves headed my way.

I wasn't too worried, I had all silver gear (though not upgraded) at this point, but still my trusty iron mace which had proven much more effective than the shiny new silver sword. I took a few swings and started putting dogs in the dirt with great alacrity. And yet…

There were too many of them and now I'm dead.

I was so dejected I rage quit and wrote this reddit post instead of doing a corpse run.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/pkgh2r/a_cold_and_violent_death/

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