A few friendly tips on how to properly secure your or your friend’s gear

Yesterday, three raids in a row I found peoples gear secured so abysmally that I decided to write down a few tips on how to properly do it. A well seasoned scavvy boi will sniff out that loot in minutes. So here are a few helpful measures how to do it properly:

  • Put some effort into it if possible and don't chuck it into the nearest bush or room. Kinda obvious but you still see half assed efforts that will only work for the most oblivious of rats.
  • Don't strip the body clean. This one might seem odd, but you rarely see someone stipping a kill clean to the bone. They'll take the valueables and scoot. There's typically something left – balaclava, goggles, vest or backpack. Leave something on the body – a vest is cheap and might divert attention from something secured nearby.
  • Hide in plain sight. Sometimes it's better to chuck something onto a pile of trash where it'll blend in with the polygons, than into a bathroom where it's clearly visible on a backdrop of a clear texture.
  • Don't put everything in one place. Spread it around. Throw that helmet onto a pile of trash, put the gun onto a shelf. If you put everything into an attack backpack, it might be convenient for you but also convenient for someone to loot it.
  • If possible, throw stuff into an unreachable place like water, a container or behind a dumpster (guns mostly)
  • Turn off any tactical devices. I found a meta M4 on a pile of trash once just because of the red glow from the IR laser on the wall.
  • If you put stuff in a room, don't close a door that's typically open (and vice versa). It'll just draw attention regarless if there's a body nearby.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jmt1qb/a_few_friendly_tips_on_how_to_properly_secure/

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