A fix to loud environment noise and to make feet sounds a bit more audible.

I really love getting shit on playing EFT but my ears are limiting the amount of joy i can squeeze out of of this game. I tried to look for some kind of a fix for the extremely loud ambient sounds in game and in loading screen and i wasn't able to really find anything that could help me fix this issue then i tried to fix it on my own with a brilliant program named "Voicemeeter Banana" which has a very user friendly EQ. After 5 minutes i managed to fix the most annoying thing that i was experiencing playing this masterpiece of a game.

So here is a quick tutorial of what to do if you have the same issue that i had.

  1. Download "Voicemeeter Banana" from their official website and watch a basic tutorial how to set it up(for your own sake)
  2. After you set it up look for the "Master section" tab on the main screen (first picture) and click "EQ" with right mouse button
  3. You should have a equalizer window in front of you if so then proceed to copy my preset(Picture 2) to make environment sounds be a lot more reasonable in terms of volume and to make feet sounds a little bit more audible(If you think that ambient sounds are too quiet for you try upping the 200hz Db amount up)

(Master section)

EQ settings

That's how i fixed the mind shattering environment noise. This method should work for you just like it did for me but remember that every headset has different built in EQ so you might need to adjust a little bit to your liking. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kvgcfl/a_fix_to_loud_environment_noise_and_to_make_feet/

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