A “fun” strategy I figured out in public lobby’s.

Number one: for 1v2s. TLDR at the end. Also this is formatted on mobile, sorry.
I just came up with this one. To set the scene: it’s a 1v3 and my dead imposter buddy called reactor. I thought I might win because I just needed two kills. I killed away from the two who did reactor and then one found the body. In the meeting, they didn’t notice I was the only one not accounted for, but this will work in any 1v2 where they don’t know it’s you. I convince one of them, both of us are going to vote ourselves and let the other player decide. They agree and then I vote them and they vote themselves. At this point I know I’m going to win. If they don’t vote, I win. If they vote them, that’s 3-0 if they vote me that’s 2-1 and I still win. In my case, the decider votes the other person and I win.

Also I had recently watched a video on The Circle (2015? movie) and that’s kinda how it ends, but it’s with a guy, a kid, and a pregnant lady. The guy does something like this and wins.

This strategy is fun in that it’s manipulative AND has a high win rate.

TLDR: say you and another player are going to vote yourself and let another player decide, bu then vote the other person who is voting themselves.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jrc4l6/a_fun_strategy_i_figured_out_in_public_lobbys/

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