A Guide to Scav Extract Camping on Interchange

Hello Everyone,

I'll admit, I'm a prideful gamer and would never engage in filthy, disgusting immoral acts that would disgrace my honor on the battlefield. I'm the first to charge into a fight, the first to come to a teammate's aide, and the first one to lay his life down for his brother in arms.

However, with the wipe came a desire, a lust some would say, that has threatened to upend my universe: Interchange extract camping on a scav. I performed the calculations in my head, the scav timer, the tears, and potential for loot have tempted me for ages, and I, foolishly, have given in to that temptation.

My Credentials:






My spots:






Now, each spot requires a different set of strategies, a set of rules some would say.

For Emercom, you are listening for the soft patter of footsteps, on your right and left. It is rare that a player approaches you from directly in front of you. If they jump over the railing against the blue wall then you simply run over and shoot them in the head. If they come from the treeline you simply wait until they stop moving and pop them in the head. Be prepared to drop all your loot and pick up all of their loot as quickly as possible so as to not accidentally extract.

For railway, you will be scanning the wall on the right, if you see players there, then you move into the bush, once they cross in behind the train car, run to the right, prone and aim under the train. Most players extract between the two traincars and it's easy enough to pop them in the head. If they come from your left, wait for them to step right in front of the bush and pop them right in the head.

Now, the reason I've made this post, is that, in a way, this method of play is a protest on something that quite irks me: the Interchange extracts. They should be changed! It's unfair to me, the user, that I can so easily kill unsuspecting players. I just wish to live a quiet life, but the temptation becomes too much at times….

See You Space Cowboys

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/hchh8n/a_guide_to_scav_extract_camping_on_interchange/

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