A Guide to the Bitcoin Farm with new Bitcoin Prices

PREFACE: I am not a math whiz. The equation I've devised and scenarios I've written out are result of my average-level math education, a day or so of theorizing equations, and closely learning what I can from the Wiki and other sources. That said, I have almost 100% certainty in my equation being true, but if you're more experienced in the math field and noticed I've made a mistake with my math please let me know.

If you aren't familiar, Tarkov's bitcoin price closely mirrors the IRL bitcoin price. As IRL bitcoin value goes up, as does Tarkov bitcoin. Recently, bitcoin's price has come up from a dip and doubled it's value and then some. Prices are expected to keep increasing some time, and this goes the same for Tarkov's bitcoin price. What does this mean for us players? As of late, bitcoin = money, BIG TIME. BSG has yet to change the production time of bitcoin (as far as I've heard), and because of this, the bitcoin farm has nearly doubled in potential profit over the recent months. I never upgraded my farm past 25 graphics cards, and was curious if the recent increase in price made the farm more valuable, since the Wiki hasn't been updated recently, so I put maths to work to find if investing in maxing my farm would be worth it- and let me summarize- it IS right now. By a mile.

To start, I took the equation the wiki has to model bitcoin per hour, added something that would make it model the production of bitcoin per day, wrote it in terms of Roubles, and subtracted the price of fuel per day (assuming you purchase expeditionary fuel at 60k and don't have solar panels.) I got the equation x(24/((0.05+(y-1)/49*0.15)-1))-96000 where x equals the current price of BC to therapist and y equals the amount of graphics cards installed. I've also saved you guys the hassle of figuring out how much each level of graphics cards produce per day, and I've put the amount of roubles per day each level makes in the table below (assuming bitcoins are going at 323k, which they are now). After that, I found how much it costs to get to each level (graphics cards average 265k per,) not including upgrading the bitcoin farm upgrades. Lastly, I put it all together to find out how long it would take to make back your money from buying graphics cards using only bitcoin production. Of course, if you're reading this in the future, this table might not be accurate anymore.

# of Graphics Cards₽ per DayCost of Graphics CardsDays to Make up ₽
1291,000265,000Over 1 day
5386,5221,325,000Almost 3 1/2 days
10505,1752,650,000Over 5 days
15623,8293,975,000Over 6 days
20742,4815,300,000Over 7 days
25861,1356,625,000Under 8 days
30989,7887,950,0008 days
351,098,4409,275,000Almost 8 1/2 days
401,217,09310,600,000Over 8 1/2 days
451,335,74711,925,0009 days
501,454,40013,250,000Over 9 days

So, to conclude, using the formula above, applying it to the levels of graphics cards, finding out the price of those cards, and then putting the price up with the potential profit, I've concluded it takes a bit over 9 days to make your money back from buying all the graphics cards you'd need, and then at that point, you'd make almost 1 and a half million roubles per day. Knowing this, I'm going to purchase as many cards as I can before BSG changes the production time of bitcoin to keep up with the pricing and make as much money as I can. I hope this table and exploration helps you decide whether or not you're willing to invest in the bitcoin farm, but keep in mind the cost of hideout upgrades needed to reach max level bitcoin farm that aren't included here.

Happy Farming!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kgiwt7/a_guide_to_the_bitcoin_farm_with_new_bitcoin/

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