A Guide to The Gentleman’s rules of Tarkov

  1. Don't kill the guy prone in the factory shack / at the red lights in factory / on the woods pier / in the trailer park cabin / on the shoreline beach. If you must, kill them when they get up/out. If you have a heart, just walk away. Also think twice about shooting the guy getting the pocket watch or any other quest item.
  2. If you see a docs/sicc case or a keytool filled with keys in a random location, leave it there.
  3. Respect a wiggle. The moment shit seems shady you're not morally responsible for blasting the rat though.
  4. If you're high level, don't loot the SKS of the lvl7 you massacred.
  5. Don't sit in Gate 3 on factory for 15 minutes, play the game.
  6. Hide your mate's stuff if they die. You can snatch his ammo and meds though.
  7. Don't kill anyone in the extraction zone, especially not if there's only a minute or two left in the raid. (You can't loot them without extracting yourself most of the time.)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/hfuasn/a_guide_to_the_gentlemans_rules_of_tarkov/

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