A handy guide for voting as crew.

So I've started playing more random lobbies recently and one thing I've realized is that a lot of people seem to have no idea when you should and shouldn't be voting as crew. Too many games where players skip on 5 with two impostors. This post is half rant and half informative guide on when you shouldn't vote as crew and when you absolutely must vote as crew.

10: I mean you can vote on 10 if you want but unless you saw someone vent there isn't really much information to go on.

9: Pretty much the same as 10. This is a safe vote, if you have information go ahead and shoot but it's probably better not to and just gather information instead.

8: Things get a little bit more interesting here. There is a slight risk to voting on 8 since two impostors can usually score a double + a single in 1 round. It's still not super risky, you can vote if you want or have good info.

7: If you are at two impostors you should never vote on 7 unless you are 100% you know who one of the impostors is. If you go down to 6 players with two impostors the impostors can easily win with a double kill. If you're 100% sure you're only at 1 impostor you can go ahead and vote but you should almost never vote on 7.

6: You should basically always vote on 6. If there is even a little bit of doubt in your mind as to whether there are 1 or 2 impostors left you should vote here. If you skip impostors can win with a double kill. If you are positive there is 1 impostor you can safely skip but it's still safe vote at 6 with 1 impostor.

5: You should just always vote on 5. If there are two impostors you have to take a chance to get 1 out as a single kill here wins the game for impostors. Even if you have next to no information just vote. Take the 25% chance that you'll guess the right person because it's a 100% chance you'll lose if you do nothing. If it's 1 impostor you can either vote or skip, it's a safe vote on 5 with 1 impostor and you should have some amount of information.

4: If you're voting on 4 that means there is only 1 impostor, if there were two impostors they would have won. Unless you are 100% sure of who the impostor is here you don't vote on 4. If you go to 3 impostor can just call sabotage and kill 1 person to win. So unless you are 100% sure, don't vote on four.

3: You have to vote on 3. If you skip impostor kills any 1 person and wins. Crew must vote here.

2&1: The game is over. How are you voting at this number? Are you a hacker? Didn't your mother ever tell you not to cheat at video games?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/ju81sf/a_handy_guide_for_voting_as_crew/

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