A helmet cheat sheet to help you know what to keep

Class 3-good early game
Steelpot (H ricochet, M durability)
6B47 (H ricochet, L durability, Lower hearing)
Kiver-M (M ricochet, H durability, Lower hearing)
LZSH (M ricochet, M durability)
Sfera-M (M ricochet, L durability, Lower hearing)
UN helmet (H ricochet, L durability, easy to spot)
Devtac Ronin mask (L ricochet, very expensive)

Class 4- very good early and mid game
Mich TC-2001 (M durability, H ricochet)
Mich TC-2002 (M durability, H ricochet)
Striker ULACH (H durability, H ricochet)
Striker ACHHC (M durability, H ricochet, better hearing)
ZSH-1-2M (H durability, M ricochet, lower hearing)
Fast MT (H durability, H ricochet, expensive)
Frye Airframe (H durability, H ricochet, expensive)
LSHZ-2DTM (H durability, H ricochet, expensive)
Maska ISCH/Killa version (M ricochet, L durability, low visibility)

Class 5-6
Altyn (5, L durability, H ricochet, lower hearing)
Vulkan (6, H durability,H ricochet, bad movement)

Sum Up
Class 3
use steelpot for small budget
use 6B47 for mid budget
use Kiver-M close quarters
use LZSH for big budget

Class 4
use Striker Ulach for price/strength
use Fast MT and Frye Airframe for attachments
use Maska ISCH for huge face protection

Class 5-6
use Altyn for best full head protection
use Vulkan for close quarters

As this is very summed up, I made the the durability and ricochet, into L,M,H, not accounting for the materials.
All of the info in this was taken and summed up from the YouTuber J Dog th3 wise, if you want to understand everything more in depth and you don't want a cheat sheet for when you are ingame, watch his video.
I will update the post with any suggestions I get.
I did no add the class 2 helmets because naturally you will throw them away.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ee41oj/a_helmet_cheat_sheet_to_help_you_know_what_to_keep/

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