A (mostly) Headache-Free way to soften Tarkov’s harsh audio

TL;DR: I made a way to make Tarkov's audio hurt less.

Tarkov's sound design is gritty, realistic, and…painful at times.
I've created a little system that makes the game audio less harsh while still staying true to character. I'll spare the technical jargon and just say that I have a background in audio production/editing and I think the results are tasteful and don't detract too much from Tarkov's immersive audio.

I specifically tailored these plugin settings to reduce harshness while leaving ambient sounds alone. Have a listen for yourself: Click for Video

If you don't notice a difference in audio, that's okay. It's designed to be subtle. I wanted it to be as close to Tarkov's original audio mix as possible while still accomplishing its goal of hearing protection and reducing ear-fatigue.

I've uploaded the tutorial as a PDF writeup here on Google Drive

Thoughts, feedback, ideas, and requests for alternate sound profiles are appreciated.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/smn0y2/a_mostly_headachefree_way_to_soften_tarkovs_harsh/

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