A new Among Us minigame

This is an idea for a new, original minigame for among us that I just thought up. It's called Among Us Race Against Time (AURAT).


All 4 settings below are a must:

  • 15 players, impostors number is optional

  • Map: Airship

  • x3 speed

  • 1 short task, nothing else

The rest are optional

Rules: Impostor will do the avent crash course sabotage when the game starts. There is only 1 task. Crewmates must do it before the timer runs out. If timer runs out, Impostors win. If the task is completed, crewmates win. Impostors must not kill. The sabotage must not be fixed.

How do you think about the game? What should be changed to improve the concept?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/ot4vj9/a_new_among_us_minigame/

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