A nice solution for refueling the lights :D

I have around 200 hours in the game and there is this 1 annoying discomfort that I always had. Fueling the light sources I have in my base. At the begging I thought that there must be something in the future that doesn't require continuous management but I was wrong. It's true that it gets easier, with light sources that last longer and some that don't require anything like the Surtling trophies (but for trophies, the light is to dim for them to be used as light sources in big buildings).

An interesting and fun idea that I came up with is to have a new rare, tamable creature in the game! Like a fairy or something. And once u tamed one you can keep in your house and it will automatically fly around and refuel your light sources when they require it.

Some optional ideas to balance it so that it doesn't make things to easy:

  1. It should require you to have a special chest assigned to it. There, you would need to constantly have resin, coal or whatever it needs to refuel your stuff. If at anytime it doesn't have what it needs in the chest then it dies or whatever and you would need to find another one. This way you still need to put resources into lighting the house but at least you don't have to waste time walking around the base to refuel them every time.
  2. If you leave any door open it will escape after an X amount of time. This is a cute way to nerf it, making it easy to lose it if you are not paing attention. This way it's also only usable in enclosed spaces so players won't be able to just use them all over the place. In a way it's a more strict condition then the roof requirement that some buildings already have.
  3. Considering this isn't really needed by new players (since it would be mostly needed in huge bases), it could be a new rare creature from the Plains or some other future zone. Maybe even a low drop chance trophy from a new creature? If it's a trophy that summons the fairy then it could get destroyed when the fairy dies/escapes, making it so that you still have to get another trophy drop to get the fairy back.
  4. And many other options… :))

Technically this problem could be solved with some quick quality of life chance for the light sources but i think this is a better addiction to the game. It adds something new and interesting for player to do/achieve in the late game 😀

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mu28t8/a_nice_solution_for_refueling_the_lights_d/

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