A reminder to new players

I see this a lot in game and I don't see many people saying this so I want to reiterate a few things for the newer players.

  1. Go into every raid with an objective, don't go in blind.
  2. Play slow! There's usually no need to play like its CoD (If you hear someone reloading a mag super close, PUSH PUSH PUSH.)
  3. Reposition often. This is a solo players best friend as groups tend to stay around the same area. If you kill one of them, reposition and attack from another angle
  4. Play to survive. If you see a gunfight coming that isn't favorable for you, LEAVE.
  5. It is never worth not insuring.
  6. if you have more than 1mil roubles, run better ammo and at least level 3 armor.

There's a ton more but these I feel are always good to be reminded about

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/hcw0uo/a_reminder_to_new_players/

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