Acting dead is underrated

You guys probably saw a lot of clips and people talking about the side prone acting dead right?
Well let me tell you something. I think it's insanely underrated and people should do it way more time.
Most people have this mindset to get a kill out of it but the really strong side is using it for suvival.
I tried it 20 raids now going to hotspots like dorms, tech stores on interchange, factory office and EVERY TIME people just ignored me and went pass me. Something that helps is putting a paca in my face to cover the arms.
I believe this side prone strat is hugely underrated for survival goals such as finishing a task or securing a task item.
Killing someone from this position is obviously also nice but it requires you to lay down in a different way that makes you look way more suspicious then laying towards a wall or a different direction.

If you struggle surviving or hear a team coming at you while you try to secure an item – try it out!
You might be suprised of how useful it is. And hey – if they try to loot you you can still shoot them in the face haha


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