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How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

So I had an idea for Valheim that I think would be very helpful. Feel free to let me know what you think and maybe some improvements if you like this idea/agree like so maybe the dev's see.

My idea is a sickle. Now you would unlock this sickle at either copper, bronze or iron age and so on. This sickle would be used to gather seed like thistle, blueberry, raspberry, cloudberry, red and yellow mushroom specimens, and thistle and whatever else they add. The idea is with this sickle you craft you would have to go up to the certain plant and left click it so you'd half to choose the seeds or berry's, ect. This way we could farm those plants as well as unlock bushes to build with vines and other cool things.

There is much more that could be added to this idea but let me know in the comments. Also like if you agree to push it up and maybe get the dev's to see.

Anyways thanks for reading.


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