Advice for those with stutter issues:

So, I'm coming hot off of several posts where people are complaining about stutututututtters and other issues… Well, LUCKY YOU, I GET TO LECTURE YOU! Links to what I'm talking about will be provided and are located at THE MOST logical place: The bottom.

I will fucking force you to see my post, if not read it. You want the links? GET TO SCROLLING BUD.

First: Process Lasso

Download it.

Set the Tarkov.exe or whatever it is to High CPU priority. It gave me a fair jump in fps, but it's less about gaining fps and more keeping it stable. Process Lasso helps with that. It's free, but I bought it recently because I got tired of the ad that came up every time I started my PC. That's my one issue with it.

Anyhow, try that software out.

But not only do that, download Intelligent Standby List Cleaner (ISLC). This is a program that will essentially help your RAM out and purge the standby list every so often. There are different parameters you can use, and a quick google can give you all the advice you need.

Using both of these programs in conjunction with one another has helped keep Tarkov hitching free, my PC runs smoother after extended use, and these programs naturally help out with other games as well.

I don't guarantee anything, of course, but even with my rig (Gtx 1080, Ryzen 3700X, 16Gigglebites of DODGE RAM, and Tarkov on an SSD) I've seen notable improvement and complete removal of stuttering/hitching.

Also, for those of you with an SSD, you may consider moving the page file (virtual memory) in Windows to your SSD. There's a few guides on Google as to how you can do it, for those with Glass Panels X I'll leave a guide below.


Process Lasso:


Moving Page File in Clear Squares IO:

Bonus link:


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