Advice on how to survive with your fellow scav bros. Be careful of the traitor scav.

Now that the Karma system is in full effect, true scav bros spawn with much better gear and items in inventory.
Evil traitor scavs knows this, and will try to lure you into a false sense of security and kill you while looting.
Do not be fooled fellow scav bro.
There are two methods that can help you survive in the harsh city of Tarkov, and drink vodka and eat Tushonka with comrades.

– Do the scav you see have a pistol?

A pistol is a clear indicator that this scav does not have very much reputation, if any. A true scav bro will never spawn with a pistol. Be extra careful around these. Never turn your back, and be ready to fire back

– Is the scav waiting for you to loot a container, and does he look at you briefly doing this or make any weapon rustling sounds?

Many will try and kill you while you are locked into animation of looting.
Take precautionary measures. If you think you might be in danger of this:

– Fake the opening of containers and then cancel.

– Never open a container with your back turned

When/if he fires at you, you should be ready to return it in kind with the above measures. Remember, he must hit you first. Under duress it can be a luxury to be able to discern this, while staying alive and returning fire properly. The issue is a clever rat can shoot past your head, and bait you into being the bad scav, thus killing you without reputation repercussions.

Also remember, a true opachki can always count on the strength of fellow cheeki breeki's. There is strength in numbers, together we are strong. The time of the PMC's and traitor scavs are over. We will usher in a new era of squatting and shooting AK's without stocks in the air.


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