All Henry Stickmin references because I’m sick of it.

Ok, I'm sick of these posts. It should be Among Us, not Henry Stickmin. So here is every reference. I will miss a lot of rooms, so pls remind me in the comments, I'll make another post.

  1. Meeting Room has glue in the right side. This is an option in Henry Stickmin.
  2. Meeting room has a round toppat mug, which belongs to Slice.
  3. The left side of the meeting room has a ladder which leads into gap room, which is the trash bin
  4. The gap room has a pencil, and whenever the crash course sabotage is called, Charles' helicopter is seen zooming in.
  5. The brig has a wizard hat, which is a fail from PBT.
  6. The vault has many references, all of the paintings are references from many famous paintings, the bottom left has game weapons, there is a flashdrive, which on clicking in Henry Stickmin, shows the text 'Flash Drive Get!'.
  7. The Romanian Ruby is a pretty direct reference, I'm not trying to tell.
  8. The records room has the shuriken stuck on the table and there is evidence about the criminal activity, in the sort records task. The vent in records also corresponds to the vent in Henry Stickmin.
  9. The lounge has the exact same pool tables and comforts as in the Henry Stickmin one, and shows similarities with the lounge in the Orbital Station, seen in JB and SSR.
  10. Also the trash bins, amogus.
  11. The Cargo Bay. This has many references. There are toppat top hats belonging to different classes, next to a safe which has a ball and chain, which is seen in the fake LQL fail.
  12. There is a tank in the box, which is the tank in the Relentless Bounty Hunter, and a banana tucked in it, which is the Banana Bomb option in GSPI.
  13. Then, medical, where you see two amogus meme references. One is the "One-boned amogus" meme, and then the trash bin again.
  14. The main hall. One of the bedrooms have a trunk, which belongs to Legend of Zelda. Then the Develop photos task. There is a can of beans next to it, which is a reference to the Beans option in Henry Stickmin ( Or, it may be, as I said in my other post, tiny oversimplified brown amoguses 🙂 ) with the developed photos being drake memes, in Among Us. The Developing Hall is also seen in the Reroute the Power option in GSPI.
  15. The Cockpit is seen in TCW, and R. In the credits of RPE, Henry is seen resting in the seat where you would do the Stabilize steering task.
  16. The Hall of Portraits have many Toppat Leaders, I can't remember them all, all I know are Terrence Suave, Billy G. and Sir Wilford IV.
  17. The viewing deck is seen in TB (I think) and R.
  18. The balcony is seen in the start of GSPI and I don't know if it is the Balcony or the Viewing Deck that Reginald betrayed Henry.

Woo! That's all I've known. I thought I couldn't make it here. If I missed anything, feel free to comment it below, and please don't put anymore Henry Stickmin references, this is for Among Us!


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