All New Hidden Cache Locations On Woods Expansion

Here's all the new hidden stash locations we've been able to find in the new expansion. You can head over to our website for details on all of the cache locations on Woods, pictures and instructions on how to find them here. We will update this post if we find any more.


  • 9. Northern UN Roadblock
    • This cache is one of the only locations that can be found in an extraction zone. When you arrive at the Northern UN Roadblock you will find a blue container supporting the left side of the barricade. Tucked away in the left corner of the container will be a buried barrel cache next to some trash bags. This container can be difficult to search if you have the Northern UN Roadblock as standing on the cache will start the extraction timer.
  • 10. Old Sawmill
    • The Old Sawmill is located between the Northern UN Roadblock extract and the Bridge extract. They are connected by a road that is intersected four ways at the middle. First, you need to make your way to this intersection. You will know you have arrived when you find a tractor-trailer truck carrying a blue Terragroup shipping container. Then, look towards the road going west. You will see an abandoned construction site where workers had begun laying the concrete foundation for a new building when the evacuation orders were given. A prominent concrete archway still stands at this location. Proceed to the corner of this construction site that touches the road intersection and look for a fallen concrete circle. Then, jump inside and you will find the buried barrel cache next to a mangled metal drum container.
  • 11. Bridge Extract
    • Start by heading over to the Bridge Extraction. When you make it to the bridge look West to the tree line along the river. Near the shore you will see 3 trees with tall skinny tree trunks whereas all the other trees will be bushy pine trees. After you locate these trees, walk past them to immediately find a bush at the base of a hill surrounded by trees to the west. The hidden cache can be found at the base of this bush. Use the images to help you locate this cache – it is a tough one.
  • 12. "East" Gate
    • To find this cache you need to start at road where the East Gate used to be. You will see a destroyed armored personnel carrier on the road and an electric tower looming overhead. Don’t get too close to the tower or tank as land mines have been placed closer than the warning signs indicate. Continue down the road heading north to the bridge and count the electric towers that you pass on your left. Be sure to include the first one where you started. Keep going until you reach the third tower. The Buried Barrel Cache can be found against the right side concrete support structure.
  • 13. Upper Rock Passage
    • This cache is found in the mountains above the Rock Passage extract. Firstly, start by locating a wooden stand with a tool box at the top of the mountain. Secondly, stand in front of the tool box facing the tower. You will find a steep path to your left. Proceed down the path until it leads you to an intersection and goes left, right and forward. Then, take the right path until it turns sharply to the left. Stop here. In front of you will be a large boulder, a few trees and a beautiful view of the northern side of the Woods map. The barrel cache is found just behind one of the trees. Use the images to locate the exact tree.
  • 14. Abandoned Town
    • Your journey to find this cache starts at the sunken church in the abandoned town. A wooden boat serves as a bridge from a rock to the roof of the church. Across from the rock and church is a wooden cabin. The cache can be found immediately in front when you enter the cabin.
  • 15. Waterside Mountain
    • A road runs along the northern river of Woods that connects the two bridge locations. One section of the road punches through a mountain range that runs all the way down to the river. The cache can be found up on the ridge of the mountain away from the river. Simply climb up the mountain from the road and you will come to a small clearing that overlooks the street. The buried barrel cache will be waiting for you there.

Let us know if you've found any hidden caches that aren't on the map. We're sure there's a few more out there. Screenshots are good, location instructions are great, just please no, "There's a stash by a tree." I'm sure the tree is lovely and special to you, but doesn't help us locate it on the map.

Hope you find this helpful!

Map Source: u/Jindouz


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