Alternate progression idea

It seems that the final story line for Valheim will basically consist of killing 9 bosses (the 5 current ones plus one each from the mistlands, Ashland, far north and ocean), then somehow summoning and killing a tenth boss to complete the game. Sounds great to me! 👍🏻

This progress is reinforced by each boss dropping something that is ALMOST essential to success in the next biome:

Ethykir drops antler for the first pick axe

Elder drops swamp key

Bone mass drops the wishbone

Moder drops his (her?) tears

Yalguth drops an unspecified item that will presumably become useful in the mistlands.

However, there are workarounds for most of these items:

Use a troll to break up some copper and tin

Get iron from mining outside crypts or from oozers

Find silver with a stag breaker

Currently No work around for refining black metal / spinning flax / milling barley

My suggestion is to have 2 ways to progress and ‘win’ the full release version of the game. The first is as listed above, kill the 9 biome bosses then the final boss, like Odin wants us to…..

The other way is to defy Odin, not kill any bosses, but still progress through the biomes. The plains and subsequent biomes would need a method that is difficult but achievable for farming their resources (for the plains, may each fuling village has a random chance to spawn with a fuling version of a windmill, blast furnace or spinning loom. If you defeat the village you can process 2-5 plains mats before it’s breaks irreparably and you need to search more villages)

If you are able to produce a specific item from each biome (for instance the helmet from each set of armour) without killing any bosses, and can then find his summon point, you can summon Odin and fight him instead to win the game. As you progress into later biomes without killing bosses, maybe invulnerable Odin turns up occasionally and attacks you for a short period of time. You have to survive these attacks to eventually summon a version that can be killed (more difficult than the tenth boss fight) to win the alternate ending.

Would make for great replayability. Especially trying to do it hardcore.

No boss fights till the last one, but also no boss buffs and slower/more difficult resource grinding.

Not sure how it would work multiplayer…

Also the raids wouldn’t change….

Some fleshing out of the fine details still needed



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