ALWAYS take the bot captcha from the flea market serious

Don't be a fool like me. I was mass buying a single item and had to do a couple captcha in a row. I failed one 2x not taking it serious and accidently failed the third. Boom it happened. 5 Minute Flea Market ban. Most know this but the worst that happened to me is unknown to a lot.

I had a message from Ragman. It's my Green Keycard, a couple lions and an ultra medical key.
If you get banned from the Flea Market, all your listings will come back to your Inventory as "not sold".

I lost a huge amount of Money in fee and Flea Market Reputation.
I know most of you guys are not as stupid as me to fail it multiple times but next time you messed it accidently up, you remember this post and will definetly NOT mess it up 2 more times.

TL;DR : I lost million roubles in fee and market reputation because Items will be unlisted if you fail captcha.


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