AMD GPU? Using latest driver? Want some potential extra frames?

I'm using driver 20.4.1. My monitor is 165hz.Turning vsync on in game and turning vsync always off in AMD radeon software caps my frame rate to 83 (half my monitor's refresh rate). I think the 'wait for vertical refresh' option in the driver is busted. I found out that enabling enhanced synced removes this half-refresh rate cap for me. I can't feel the drawback of the extra input lag at all from enabling enhanced sync. Maybe enhanced synced is busted as well and all it does is turn off vsync forcibly. If this helps you, we need to ask AMD that question…

I did all my test in offline factory.


  1. Go to factory offline – make sure vsync is on in-game
  2. See if your fps is getting capped at half your monitor's refresh rate. No? You're good!
  3. If yes try turning on Enhanced Sync
  4. Enjoy

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