Among us 101, how to properly act during a meeting/report

No, just saying any sus and then skipping is stupid, don't do it, try to follow this guide instead if you wish to become a better player,

Any time someone reports body or calls an emergency meeting, make sure to present all the info, first start with important info like for example if you think you saw someone vent, don't be afraid to say it, because someone else might have seen vent pop in that room for example and confirm it. Then go with simple info like you saw someone in a room somewhere, doesn't matter what they were doing, just that they were there and then say who did scan or is trusted, however you might want to hold onto this last bit of information, since by saying that, you are also telling the impostors the same info, so those people you confirmed are likely gonna become targets.

Then questions you should ask

-Where someone was, this can be quite useful because sometimes, impostors tend to fake locations and then other crewmates may call them out

-If taskbar is on, ask which tasks people did, because if overall people say they did 3 tasks in total, when bar only moved twice, you know one of the people that said they did a task are impostor.

-This one is optional, but for convenience, write down end of meeting results and say it in chat too aswell if you want, like for example: light clear on blue,cyan,green and light sus on red,blue

-Make sure to also keep in mind who was together, because if red and blue were together and red ends up being impostor, high chance that blue is impostor aswell.

-Also don't be afraid to ask even the simplest questions, like for example what blue was doing while they were in navigation, as these slight hints could give out the impostor, like say blue says they were doing download, you might want to watch upload in admin and see if they ever go to do it, if they don't, you may confront them with that information.

-Make sure to always vote on people with proper evidence that it's them, no, red 100% trust isn't proper evidence, however red and lime passed north on doorlogs i checked and lime was dead is proper evidence. Also never vote on 4 people (1 impostor), 7 people (1 impostor). This is because the impostor in the first case can just kill anyone and win, and in the second case, they can double kill, however if you are playing with people who are pretty bad, sometimes you can be fine with voting on 7 anyway. Also make sure to never skip when there is 5 people with 2 impostors or 3 people with 1 impostor, due to the reasons stated before.

-Always vote at the end of meetings or once you've all presented all the evidence you have, you don't want to get into a situation where you've all voted on white for example and then with some evidence someone didn't present earlier it turns out it's actually cyan and everyone is just bamboozled.


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