Among Us Hide N’ Seek Guide!

Hide N' Seek is a custom gamemode that has been going around recently and here's a guide on it!

How to find a Hide N' Seek Lobby?

Hosts of the Hide N' Seek Lobbies often call themselves "HideNseek" or something similar to that. Keep refreshing the lobby list until that name comes up. That's how Hide N' Seek players meet up!


Standard rules are: No sabotaging, no meetings, no voting (other than skipping) and no reporting! Some people may add no venting. Feel free to ask your lobby for the exact rules cause lobbies can differ (just like the regular among us mode).

At the start, everyone walks to the vent in cafeteria where the impostor (in this case, the Seeker) will reveal themselves by venting. After that, every crewmate runs away. The Seeker runs around finding crewmates and killing them. The seeker MUST NOT be voted out.

In some lobbies, the impostor starts a meeting and then says it's him in the chat instead of venting.

Crewmates have a really good vision. They use it to spot the seeker and hide. Seeker has bad vision so that he can't see Crewmates hiding.

Crewmates win by finishing tasks and the Seeker wins by killing everyone.

Yes, since there's no reporting there's bodies everywhere.


This also can be edited in many ways. Generally, the Seeker has 0.25x-0.5x (I personally prefer 0.25x a lot more) vision and everything else is up to you. Here's my settings:

Emergency Meeting: 1

Impostors: 1

Map: Skeld

Impostor Vision: 0.25x

Crewmate Vision: 2x

Kill Cooldown: 22.5sec

Common Tasks: 2

Long Tasks: 0

Short Tasks: 2-3

Other maps have different settings to keep the game balanced.

Hiding Spots: (Skeld)

This one is to get you started.

Admin: O2 fix

Shields: That narrow passage with the direct power button OR where the prime shields task is

Medbay: Bottom right corner next to the scan

Cafeteria: Upper part

Comms: Bottom left corner


I hope this helped anyone who is confused on the matter. Have fun playing!


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