Among Us Live Background Tutorial (Free)

Hey everyone!
A while ago, I saw this post, and like everyone else, I really wanted one of those backgrounds. However, the general consensus was that the person was using a $30+ app, and who wants to do that when there’s a free option? No one, that’s who. So I came up with a method that is entirely free and can be done using only a phone.

Impossible, right? Nope. Here are the instructions.


What you’ll need:

– Your phone (I did this on iPhone, I don’t know if this works on android, maybe someone in the comments can verify)

– The VN Video Editor App (Free, no IAPs)

– IntoLive app (Free, IAPs not required)

– An image of a crewmate (I got mine from here, but feel free to create your own if you want.)

This image of the space background from the game


  1. Open the VN app, and sign up for an account. Tap on the ”+” icon on the bottom of your screen, then tap “new project”. This will bring you to a screen where you can select your images. However, at this point, ONLY import the space background, NOT the crewmate yet. Once you have selected the space background, hit the arrow on the bottom of your screen to enter the project.
  2. Now you are in the timeline for your project. VN automatically puts an end screen on your new videos, so you can delete that by tapping on it and pressing delete. Now, drag the right side of your space background clip out so that it is 5 seconds long.
  3. Tap on the box that says “original” at the top of your screen. Then select the box that says 9:16, this will make the dimensions of your video fit the screen. Now, tap on your background clip and hit the option on the bottom toolbar that says crop. It should automatically adjust the shape, so just hit the checkmark on the bottom.
  4. Now it’s time to animate the background. Tap on the background clip, and select “zoom” from the bottom tool bar. Then select “move left”, and hit the checkmark again. Now your clip should be slowly moving to the left side throughout the entirety of the video.
  5. CREWMATE TIME! This is going to be the most difficult part of the tutorial so far, but if you stick with me, it should be easy to understand. Above your background clip, their should be a track that says “tap to add sticker”. Tap on that, and then select your crewmate image the same way you selected the space background. The crewmate should appear in the center of your video.
  6. Scale the image down to your preferred size. Then, stretch the crewmate clip out to match the length of the space background clip.
  7. Now it’s time to actually animate the crewmate. This is the hardest part of the entire tutorial, so pay attention. Move the crewmate off screen to the left, keeping it centered (there is an indicator for when you are centered). Then tap on the clip in the timeline, and hit key frame. Then, scroll the timeline forward about 0.5 seconds. Move the crewmate to about 1/5 of the way across the screen, keeping it centered, and rotate it 45 degrees. Again, scroll the timeline forward 0.5 seconds, move the crewmate another 1/5 of the way across the screen, and rotate it another 45 degrees. Repeat this until the crewmate is completely off screen. And that’s it, the hardest part finished.
  8. Next, take a look at the bar above the crewmate clip that says “tap to add subtitle’. Tap on that, and then hit ”standard”. The font is already as close as you’re going to get to the actual one in game, but you can change it if you wish. Size the text however you want, and then type in your message. This can be whatever you want, but I just wrote “My name was not the impostor”. Once your happy with how the text looks, its time to animate it, but don’t worry, it’s not nearly as difficult as the crewmate.
  9. Tap on the text clip, then tap on “motion”. Then, select gradient, and tap on gradient again so that the text scrolls from left to right. Increase the duration to maximum using the slider below. Now you need to position your text on the timeline so that it lines up with the crewmate passing by. This does take a bit of tinkering, but just kept moving it until you like the result.
  10. Scroll the playhead to the front of your video and hit play. Make sure everything looks good, then hit export. You can change the export settings if you want, but the default ones work fine as well. Once it is done, hit save to album, and the video will be in your camera roll.
  11. Now, to convert the video to a Live Photo, open the IntoLive app. Select your video from the list, and hit make. No other settings are needed here. Select no repeat when prompted, and follow the prompts. Then, the Live Photo will be in your camera roll as well.
  12. Finally, set the Live Photo as your LOCK SCREEN (it will not work as a home screen) like you would with any other photo. Ta-da! You’re done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, or at least that it helped you. If you need any clarification, or have any questions, put them in the comments and I will try to respond. Have a great day!


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