Among us on Xbox controls.

LT to kill, Y to use, A to confirm option/ confirm vote, RS to select vote X to report a body START is settings, B to sabotage, LS to move, RS to turn around/change vents, RT to vent, for the manifolds. You use RS to move around the manifold, and A to select a number, basically almost the same thing for Simon says, for wires, use RS to connect the wire, for asteroids, you move the RS around, and press A to shoot an asteroid, for Chet course, move the RS in the position of the course for swipe card. Just swipe with (you guessed it) RS!, for stabilize steering, move the cross heir with….. RS, for divert power, move the thingy with RS for the second part, just press the pill thingy with A, for prime shields, select the hexagon with RS, then confirm with A,to align engine output, move the line thingy with RS, to fuel engines, just press A and it will automatically fill,to empty chute, use RS to move the lever, to clean o2 filter, use LS to select a leaf, and hold RT on said leaf, and put it It in the filter, to calibrate distributor press A when the rectangle thing hits the other rectangle thing press A, to upload data press a to begin.


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