Among Us: Sus By Daylight

Happy Halloween everyone!

For this spooky season we have devised a game mode similar to Dead by Daylight but for Among Us.

Here's the rules:

Imposters: 1
Confirm Ejects: Off
Emergency Meetings: 1
Emergency Cooldown: 15s
Discussion Time: 0s
Voting Time: 90s
Player Speed: 0.5x
Crewmate Vision: 0.25x
Imposter Vision: 5.0x
Kill Cooldown: 20s
Kill Distance: Short
Visual Tasks: On
Common Tasks: 0
Long Tasks: 1
Short Tasks: 2

Special Rules: No Reporting or Emergency Meetings! The crewmates must complete their tasks as fast as they can before the imposter kills them all. The imposter can vent, but can only sabotage non-lethal zones (lights, comms, etc.).

Happy Hunting!


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