Among Us – Terror gamemode (serial killer vs group of survivors)

This gamemode is better when played in Polus

  • All survivors need to be in voice call
  • The big difference between this mode and hide and seek mode is that the survivors can create a strategy to win as a group

The recommended settings are:
– 1 impostor (the serial killer)
– Kill countdown: 10 seconds
– Player vision: 0.75
– Impostor vision: 1.0
– Player velocity: 1.0
– 3 short tasks or 4 minutes to win (I’ll explain soon)

How to play:

When the game starts the impostor leaves the voice call. All the survivors can continue in the call talking to each other. The impostor counts 10 seconds until starting the hunting. When somebody dies, it mutes itself and can’t communicate with the remaining survivors. Nobody can report dead bodies or press the emergency button. Both survivors and the killer can see the cams and the admin map. The killer can’t sabotage or enter the vents.

How to win:

If the killer kills everybody, it wins. If all survivors finish their tasks (in the tasks version of this gamemode) they win, if at least one survivor remains after 4 minutes all survivors, dead or alive, wins (in the time version).

I played this game mode several times with my friends and wanted to share it because it adds the tension of a horror game and the fun of being able to cooperate with the other survivors to create strategies to win.


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