An idea for what the devs could do, for us to avoid having to delete our worlds for new content.

So I was thinking, as soon as something big gets added into the world, all of our old worlds will soon be obsolete if that something has to be spawned in via the world generating. Say for an example a boss altar for the Mistland or an ocean overhaul.

Now, I would like to know from one of the devs if this idea is possible to implement and if it wouldn't be too hard to do. But what if, the whole world resets upon being updated, while the areas that our workstations cover, remains the same. So say, if you have a giant island fort and you can pretty much build anywhere inside of it, your island will remain untouched, while the rest of the world resets and the new stuff gets generated in.

I figured this would use a formula where if enemy's can spawn on this spot, reset this area. At the very least this way you can still keep your base and get new content without needing to start a whole new world. Cause let's be honest, some of us would rather keep our bases over items. Sure you can move your items to the new world and build a new, but you'd lose the castles and villages you've built.

So let me know what you think, for single player it's perfect but I don't know how a server with a ton of people would fare against an idea like this, unless the number of builds are pretty low, in which case they'll still get a bunch of new stuff coming into their old world.


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