Annoyed of people pressing emergency right at the start? Here is how we can stop them.

A lot of people don't know this, but voting them out is exactly what they want. The game has a 'leaver' penalty every third game you quit in a row. It starts at 5 minutes and increases the more you leave. This timer is restarted every game you win/lose/die/OR GET VOTED OUT. What these people do is join games and quit every time they don't get imposter, on the third game they press the button to annoy people and get voted out, thus quickly restarting the timer for three more games and so on untill they get imposter. (Not caring about how many people they troll to do this).
There is one flaw in this plan however: GETTING KICKED COUNTS AS QUITTING THE GAME. Instead of voting them out use the kick button (right under the chat button). This doesn't seem like much but it will heavily disrupt this process and force them to take the penalty and even impatiently leave the game.
TL:DR don't vote them out, kick them out.


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