Anyone Running PvP Servers?

Recently I watched several people on Twitch compete in a Hunger Games style tournament. Sorry, I am not on Twitch often so I don't know the streamers very well. I believe they are mostly World of Warcraft streamers though.

Anyways, their tournament was awesome and looked like a lot of fun. My friend group that plays Valheim is only four or five people at a time. That's a great number for co-op but not great for PvP, especially a Hunger Games style last one standing kind of PvP.

I am curious if anyone is running competitions or tournaments or just organizing PvP play through a Discord or something. I don't have the time, knowledge, desire or commitment to run my own servers or anything like that but I know that myself and I'm certain many others would be really into the idea.

Anyone doing anything like that or have tips for doing so?


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