Anyone want to race to a specific goal?

The idea is that you would do this all in one night, maybe a 3-4 hour period.

Each race idea below has the same goal: Kill the elder

But before you reach the goal, you must fulfill some requirements. It is all on the honor system.

Common rules:

– these can be solo or done in pairs

– you can sabotage and steal from your neighbors (up for debate with who you are playing with)

– you cannot share a base with your neighbors

– you must be in discord to chat

– you cannot leave the game to avoid death

– each race is a random seed so no one has any advantage

– if you spawn the elder, your enemies cannot steal that elder kill. They must spawn their own elder.

– no mods or game addons

– visible to other players on the map is optional

Race Decisions:

– decide which race rules you like, choose one or many or make up new ones.

– does anyone want to join me tonight or tomorrow?

Server and time zones

– preferred time zone is CST, MT, or ET

– I am happy to host a dedicated server

Race Idea 1 Requirements:

– must have level 1 bronze gear (helm, pants, body).

– any weapon type is allowed

Race Idea 2 Requirements:

– must have level 1 bronze gear (helm, pants, body)

– can only use specific weapon

Race Idea 3:

– cannot go higher than deer armor (helm, pants, body)

– you can still use bronze weapons

Race Idea 4:

– must wear troll armor

– cannot use bronze armor

– cannot use bows

Race Idea 5:

– must have at least 2 sets of portals leading from meadow to black forest

Race Idea 6:

– must have comfort level 9

Race Idea 7:

– all bases must be on a river bank and contain a dock partially made of core wood


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