Armor Calculator (Google Sheets) – It will calculate penetration chance, drop durability of armor and then calculate penenetration chance again until armor is zeroed

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you all Armor Calcualtor I made in Google Sheets:

It will calculate penetration chance based on bullet and armor used. It works as a simple simulation: it will calcule penetration chance for the 1st shot based on your initial data input, then it will substract durability lost when hit by the bullet and it will calculate penetration chance again for new durability etc.

To make it very easy to use I spent a lot of time to make sure you can pick all the armors and bullets from drop-down lists. First you have to pick armor class level, then armors will be filtered to that class only. After picking armor all other fields will be auto-filtered to show you the stats that match your selection (you still have to pick them from drop-down list, but it will show you only one value). Then you just input current durability. Same stuff for bullets. You pick caliber then ammo and all the stats will auto-filter for you.


Sadly if you want to use it you have to make a copy using Google account. Sorry, but there is no other way. You have to go to File –> Make a copy and save it for your personal use.

I also included detailed simulation that will calculate penetration chance for each point of durability lost on armor.

I hope you guys will find this tool helpful. Have fun with the simulations!


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