Armored Rig vs Armor + Unarmored Rig Comparison. Hope you guys find it helpful.

5.11 Tactec129,677
Highcom Trooper TFO) + BlackRock~‭85,000 + 38535 = 123,525


– The Blackrock has a quad slot and two more slots than the TacTec in general.

– The Trooper is not sold by any vendors and at the time, a brand new one costs ~85,000 ₽ .

Crye Precision AVS117,600 ₽
6B23-1) + Wartech MK3)87,969 ₽


– The AVS has two quad slots and 3 more slots than the MK3 in general.

Wartech TV-110148,995 ₽
6B23-1) + ANA Tactical Alpha90,730 ₽


– The 6B23-1 protects the stomach while the TV-110 does not.

– The Alpha has one quad slot less and one triple slot more than the TV-110. The TV-110 has 3 more slots in general.

General Note:

Having an armor+rig setup means that if you find a better armor in-raid (e.g. a Gen4) you can equip it without having to sacrifice your rig as well.


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