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I remember reading somewhere during the Q&A thing the devs did a while back that someone asked about bears. I think I remember the devs saying they want to add mobs so long they serve a purpose. Bears seem to be a relatively wanted thing i suppose, considering theres a mod thats soul purpose is to add them.

I think I have an idea that would give bears some kind of purpose. I like that the abomination and trolls give you materials that can be used to craft armor sets for specific play styles. Abomination gives you the Root armor giving a bonus to bows as well some resistances to peirce and poison but at the cost of being weak to fire. Troll armor gives you a boost to stealth with the set back that if you wish to playthrough the game as an assassin your going to have terrible armor pretty much from the swamp and on.

I think if the devs want to add class specific armors á la terraria that would be great so players can branch out and no one is the same padded armor clad viking at the end of the game.

That all being said I can finally get to my idea. My apologies for not getting to the point sooner I tend to drone on lol. My idea is a berserker armor made out of hide from the bear. It gives boost too unarmed, a skill that i think would be fun to do a playthrough with however unarmed isn't all that viable so a set specializing in it. As for a downside, i think while it should be make you beat everything in the next realm, the armor shouldn't offer much protection but also reduce how often you stagger so you can get some punches in without being interrupted too much. As for a design of the armor i think the body piece should have the chest generally exposed, showing your vikings muscles a little. On the hands there are a pair of gauntlets made from the bones of the bear, maybe apart of the claws. The head piece obviously has to be the bears head and skull as a helmet. The leggings i can't really come up with anything to be honest. I think a bear cape would also be nice just to throw on but I don't know how it would look without being too similar to the deer cape or lox cape. A bear rug like the one the bear mod adds would also be nice for decor as always.

The only biome I can imagine them being in is the Black Forest or the mountains. Unfortunately i think both those aren't the best options cause the Black forest has the trolls that already offer a unique armor and the mountains already have enough going on i feel.

I hope I explained this fairly well, I have a hard time expressing ideas thinking they're bad or what ever. Then I drone on feeling the need to explain myself even if its common knowledge, like what the abomination and troll armor do for example. If you made it to the end, thank you for reading and i wish you well on your travels through valheim.

For Odin!


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