Bed should be a teleport

Idea is that bed should be a teleport. One going sleep would choose (from map) what house he wants to wake up next morning.

This should:

  1. Be one per night, so should prevent overuse teleport as now (to go for carrot or single nail etc.)
  2. No overencumbered allowed, so using other means of transport could still make a sense
  3. We even could allow ore transport this way. No encumbered, once per day – it still would make a sense to use boat for big shipment, but 2 iron for stone cutter or new sconce should be no problem
  4. It would make game more challenging, as walls and roof needed, so this adds need for outpost (not just jump out of Karve and build desk and portal in middle of nowhere)
  5. Can be build from local wood – there is no fun in wasting 4 spaces in inventory now for materials generally trivial, but hardly accessible in some biomes (especially if I didn't know that I will find something interesting and again I have no teleport).
  6. This would add "teleport" since game start, but I think this is Ok, it shouldn't change much in early exploration
  7. Morning comfort level should be "target" level, to promote making comfortable outposts

I just think that current teleport make game too easy and I am losing fun from exploration or making outposts or sailing. But on the other hand is to clunky to always have one, and I never had one when needed.

So game of Valheim type plays best if "game loop" (sailing-killing enemies-gathering resources-building outpost) is rather small. So building outpost and teleport-bed from local materials would be much better then sailing back to main base to take eyes. Or going through two biomes to get to nearest teleport.


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