Benefits of being a good s-cav

Hello, I`ve farmed a little bit of karma and I want to share what are the benefits (so far…) of increasing the karma

I think you only get benefits at certain milestones like 1.0,2.0 and so on

At 1.0

Timer :18.30

Car extract 5% discount

Better gear?

You can tell a scav to look in a direction, he will stay there and look in the pointed direction, It seems to be only working in 4 ways N,S,E,W not in a 360 location

Bosses still shoot you if you get close

At 2.0

Timer: 17.25

Car extract : Need to find out

You can tell a scav to follow and to stay put, basically you have a personal bodyguard

Fence buys items at a higher rate Valday PK-120 is now : 8094 roubles

I will see what else I can find out and post it here, additional info would be grateful, if you can post any benefits or maybe the price of the PK-120 at 0. and 1. karma to see the percentage increase I would be grateful

You can farm karma by car extract (0.25 karma) but it seems it gives diminishing return if you repeat the same map extract, and by killing other scavs that are tagged (0.1), pmc kills give (0.01)


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