Biome Diversity and FOV

I'm not usually one for "wouldn't it be cool if" style posts, but as this game is currently in development, I'd like to give some feedback on a few things that I see as areas that could be improved. I've seen some of the publicaly available information about the development roadmap with the additional biomes, and the very limited information about the upcoming hearth and home update.

First, I already posted about this elswhere, but draw distance for bigger objects really needs to be increased on higher graphics settings. An additional lower level of detail would be necessary for this, but I think the trees in this game have room to downgrade further. When sailing around you can see land long before you can see the objects on it, so trees seem to pop into view out of nowhere. An option to keep with the games stylized graphics might be to have the trees start out small and grow to their full size as you get closer, and other structures might work similarly at a closer range.

Second, I'd really like to see some more diversity within the same biome. The Dragur villages that can appear in meadows are an example of this done well, but currently when exploring one meadows biome is very much like the next one. Same with black forest. These biomes take up a huge chunk of the world, and it would be nice to have more of a reason to explore them even later in the game. Some random ideas for things that could work:

Hot Springs – Pools that could rarely spawn in the black forest or mountain biomes that give additional comfort to buildings build near them. In the mountian they could provide a respite from the cold.

Beaches – Larger sandy beaches could spawn in the plains or meadows biomes and periodically have rarer sea life wash up for use in cooking.

Again, I'm trying to provide some ideas, but I'd really just like to see some more reasons to check out the 10th meadows biome I've passed that's 5 continents away.


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